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 Tips and inspiration for creative writers 


Writing is a noble craft. You sit down in front of a blank piece of paper and you create a new world of possibilities. A magical new world that exists only in your mind. 

You bring it to life and allow others to enter your world of creation. You allow them to share in your thinking processes, and to embark on an adventure of the mind that was of your own creating.

Sadly, many creative writers who have thought noble thoughts and written them down on scraps of paper have never published them for the world to see.

They are the bottom draw authors who may be brilliant writers but their work has never seen the light of day. And because they have never been published they don't even call themselves writers. 

Are you one of those writers?  Are you afraid to call yourself a creative writer because your work hasn't been published yet?

You can certainly lay claim to being a writer if you are involved in the process of creating and writing. 

But writing can be a lonely process and sometimes we need a little help. Sometimes we need a kick start with help from some great resources such as  

Easy Novel Writing  or

How to write e-books

There's also an excellent Sales letter Recipe - it shows you exactly how to write a sales letter so that you can sell your work.  Brilliant!  Here it is:

Recipe for Sales letters


But whatever path you take, in the long run it all boils down to the combination of desire and discipline. And two magical little words:

“Do it!”







Writing      Needlework       Paper Craft       Gardening      Selling Crafts      Games        Movies